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Online Privacy Practices

A quick overview of our online privacy practices.

Citizens State Bank recognizes that in the financial services industry there is a common interest in protecting consumer data. The privacy of nonpublic personal information is a significant concern when assessing internal controls, procedures, and security programs of Citizens State Bank. To minimize privacy breaches, we need to ensure that consumers are aware of the Bank’s privacy practices and the general types of procedures used and that internal controls and practices are periodically audited. Citizens State Bank adopted a specific privacy notice to communicate the data sharing practices of the Bank and to effectively meet specific regulatory requirements. The notice will help serve consumers and customers, who have relationships with our Bank, by helping them understanding the risks associated with information privacy. The specific privacy notice will also detail our consumer’ information protection principles. Furthermore, the privacy notice will also provide each consumer with insights on our data sharing methods, exclusively of what is permitted by law and/or regulation.

Customer Information

When you visit our Website, certain information can be received by us and collected about you. The type of information that is collected on our Website depends in large part on how you interact with our Website. The vast majority of the information collected is passive in nature and used for navigational purposes. Information such as pages visited and average time spent on each page is collected to help us analyze our site and enhance the user’s experience.

While a large majority of the information we collect is not personally identifiable, some information that you provide us is. Therefore, the information that we collect depends in large part on how you interact with our Website. Some examples of personally identifiable information include, but are not limited to, your name, social security number, address and phone number. This type of information is usually gathered from applications, forms and e-mails provided by you or your representative.

When personally identifiable information is submitted to us we use it for a variety of reasons, including processing account transactions, responding to inquires and product applications, troubleshooting, fraud detection and prevention, as well as other related purposes.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer to help us distinguish you from other unique visitors who visit our website. Cookies help us to keep track of your preferences while browsing our website, thereby, making your future visits more enjoyable and personalized. Cookies are also used to distinguish your personal computer from a public computer when accessing Online Banking. Cookies do not gather data from your hard drive, nor do they carry viruses or intercept your email messages.

You have the ability to deny or remove cookies from your computer by setting your browser to do so. If you decide to do so, please be aware that your experience with our website may be diminished or become non-functional.

Email Practices

It is the policy of Citizens State Bank to never request personally identifiable information or account information via e-mail. If you or your representative receives an email that you deem suspicious or fraudulent DO NOT OPEN IT and forward us a copy by emailing us at fraudprevention@csbdirect.com

If you decide to contact us through email or via a Contact Us form please be aware that these methods of communications are non-secure. Therefore, we ask that you do not provide us any personally identifiable or account information when using these communication methods. Furthermore, communications sent electronically are subject to archiving for legal and regulatory reasons and to better service the needs of our customers.

Third Party Practices

This site may contain linked websites outside of our site. All linked sites will open in a new window. Our Privacy Policy and Practices do not apply to any linked sites. Please refer to a linked site’s privacy policy for details. We cannot control any content outside of our site and are not responsible for any losses or damages in connection with third party websites.

Staff Training

Our staff will receive training to recognize and properly react to unauthorized or fraudulent attempts to obtain customer information. Employees will also be trained to protect customer information through appropriate measures, such as by taking additional steps to verify that the caller is a bona fide customer.

Employees will also be trained to implement the Bank’s written policies and procedures governing the disclosure of customer information, and will be informed and reminded on a periodic basis not to deviate from them. Moreover, employee must also know to whom and how to report suspicious activity that may be a pretext call.

Online Privacy Practices Changes

Citizens State Bank reserves the right to periodically make changes to its Online Privacy Practices. It is your responsibility to be informed of any changes we make to the Online Privacy Practices by visiting our website periodically.

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