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Online Security

A quick overview of our online security

Our Security Commitment to You

Citizens State Bank is dedicated to the privacy and safety of its customers. Because of this, we are constantly monitoring and updating our security architecture in response to the latest threats and to comply with state and federal regulations. By placing an emphasis on electronic, network and physical security we are able to guard your personal information from unauthorized access and comply with state and federal regulations. Furthermore, we follow strict procedural guidelines to ensure that our security standards are constantly safeguarding your personal information. We spare no effort to ensure that your personal information remains secure by using several types of technology to guarantee your transactions are confidential.

Secure Sockets Layer

When browsing our website you may notice the https:// in the address bar. This indicates that the website you are visiting has incorporated Secure Socket Layer technology. By using SSL technology the information passed between your computer and Citizens State Bank’s computer systems is virtually impossible for anyone but Citizens State Bank to read. SSL technology accomplishes this feat by encrypting the data that is being passed between your computer and our computer systems. SSL technology is just another step we have taken to ensure our customer’s confidentiality and safety.


Citizens State Bank’s network is protected by a firewall which contains a combination of software and hardware that strictly limits access from outside computers. Only users who have been authenticated are allowed to receive or send transmissions through the firewall. Any network traffic that is deemed suspicious is automatically logged by our Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for audit purposes. Internal network traffic is also logged for monitoring and audit purposes. By using firewalls and IDS we are able to provide another layer of security to help ensure your confidentiality.

Security Tips

  • Keep your user name, password and account number(s) safe and do not share them with anyone. Do not write your passwords down. Passwords that are written down can be easily misplaced or stolen.
  • When creating a password ensure that it is 8-15 characters in length and incorporates the use of numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and symbols. Change your password every 90 days.
  • When using Online Banking do not open multiple browser sessions at any one time. Make sure that the browser you are using to access Online Banking with supports at least 128 bit SSL encrpytion.
  • Avoid accessing your online account from a non-personal computer.
  • Always log off of your account when you are finished with your online session. Never leave the computer where you are accessing Online Banking unattended.
  • It is never safe to transmit your account information via email.
  • Ensure that your computer has up-to-date virus protection software, spam or pop-up blockers and its most recent operating system updates.

Online Security Notice Changes

Citizens State Bank reserves the right to periodically make changes to its Online Security Notice. It is your responsibility to be informed of any changes we make to the Online Security Notice by visiting our website periodically.

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